Neptune’s Bar

“Well, we climbed the mountain.”
“Well, we did.”
Roland and Mick look out over the purple-hazed peaks to ensure that they indeed stand on the highest in sight.
“Well, that’s good.”

Where better to begin than the end? I present a tale of rich, sentimental, swashbuckling fatherson relations on a mountaintop. Or something like that. It’s also about the apocalypse and proper pet care.

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The Dialectic:

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    What’d you think of the story?

    says David
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      The way the characters speak sounds quirky. Almost as if they are from a different generation- like a classic western movie?. Looking forward to reading the rest!

      says Anonymous
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        Interesting. I like to think they’re all speaking, in a way, as a part of the same whimsical thought.

        says David
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