There’s a place in my pink heart, a small room between the ventricles, a septal defect, they say, furnished with white plaster walls and two cherry red ottomans, on the left of which I sit, cross-legged, with a cup of steaming macchiato, patting beside me invitingly.

It’s a secret club, of sorts, so far only known to those with stethoscopes and sharp ears. So welcome.

In the blog you can read posts about whatever I think deserves a bit of thought. In the writing section you can read a few of my short stories.

I am, as of 2020, a PhD student in literature at the University of Arizona. My writing is published or forthcoming in the likes of Literary Hub, Alluvium, Lucky Jefferson, and Post Road; my screenplay ‘New Violence’ was selected for the 2018 Middlebury Script Lab. I manage, a hub of international literary exchange and collaboration.

Twitter: @davhuntington
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David Huntington

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