There’s a place in my pink heart, a small room between the ventricles, a septal defect, they say, furnished with white plaster walls and two cherry red ottomans, on the left of which I sit, cross-legged, with a cup of steaming macchiato, patting beside me invitingly.

It’s a secret club, of sorts, so far only known to those with stethoscopes and sharp ears. So welcome.

In the blog you can read posts about whatever I think deserves a bit of thought. In the writing section you can read a few of my short stories.

I work as an editor, writing teacher, literature teacher, and web developer in Beijing, China. My writing has been published in Far Enough East and Spittoon Literary Magazine. My screenplay “New Violence” and I were fellows at the 2018 Middlebury Script Lab.

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David Huntington

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