Faces Wanted

I want your face!

You may have noticed the big scary image of myself in the middle of my website, well, I want that to go. This website is an ongoing art piece in itself, and the first stage of that is replacing my face with yours.


State of Awe


But not just ordinary faces, faces that are wide-eyed, as if realizing, all of the sudden, the greatest truths of the universe. I want faces that are both scary in their silliness and silly in their scariness.

You send me a photo of yourself in a State of Awe (like my original photo above) and I will photoshop it to fit the design and use it on my site. Every time the site loads it will show a different face, randomly selected.

This is an artistic experiment in the absurdity and sincerity in which we all try to understand the world. So let’s all pretend to be scary wizards!

When we’re willing to admit our desperation to make sense of things (I can’t be the only one . . . ), things start to, in a strange way, make more sense. At least, that’s the idea.

Tips for the photo:

– Open your eyes very wide while still looking dead serious.
– Fit your whole head in the picture; don’t clip yourself.
– Try for a light source above you and in front of you so it lights up your forehead.
– Look directly into the camera.
– Low resolution isn’t a problem. Phone photos are fine.
– It can be a selfie. Mine was.
– Email the photo to

Questions? Thoughts? Comments? Below.

The Dialectic:

  1. "

    This is also known as the “deer in the headlights” expression, as a friend aptly described to me.

    says David
  2. "

    We have a handful of submissions so far and they look great. There’s wisdom in the air. Keep it coming.

    says David
  3. "

    Update: The faces I’ve received are all edited and cycling on the front page. This already looks awesome. With more faces it’s going to be more awesome. So keep sending them and I’ll keep editing you into the mix.

    says David

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